Join us in creating the most sustainable custom slides in the world.

We are pioneering how to create custom footwear.

Welcome to HYPD®, where custom footwear meets sustainability. We are not just a company; we're a movement, dedicated to redefining style with a conscience. At HYPD®, we believe in making a statement without compromising our planet. Dive into our collection of custom slides, meticulously crafted with a sustainable mission at heart. 

Join us on a journey where every step is a testament to fashion that cares. Leave a positive footprint with HYPD®, where shoes meet sustainability seamlessly.


100% Laboratory Tested

98% Waste Free

Our patent construction allows us to be nearly waste free in manufacturing.

Not Tested On Animals

animal free

All products are 100% Vegan friendly.

100% Paraben Free


You don't have to throw away your shoes.  All components are interchangeable and easily customizable.

Natural Ingredients

Efficient Shipping

Our products are lightweight and can be flat shipped to you. 

One slide to rule them all.

Indulge in individuality with HYPD®'s custom slides, a fusion of personal expression and unparalleled comfort. Crafted with precision, our slides are a canvas for your unique style journey. From vibrant hues to personalized details, each pair is a reflection of you. 

Slip into a world where customization knows no bounds, and your every step tells a story.  HYPD® invites you to embrace the extraordinary—because we are your hype man. 


Simply created by you.

Mission & Vision

At HYPD®, our mission is a harmonious blend of style and responsibility.  We envision a world where fashion is an avenue for self-expression, and sustainability is the heartbeat of every creation. 

Committed to custom footwear that transcends trends, we empower individuals to embrace their uniqueness through personalized designs. Simultaneously, we are unwavering in our dedication to sustainable practices, ensuring each step leaves a positive impact on the planet. 

HYPD® is more than a brand; it's a commitment to a future where style and eco-consciousness coexist, proving that fashion can be both personal and sustainable. Walk with purpose.

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